What you will be teaching:
-Computer programming on Game Engines Unity and / or Unreal

Software requirements

-Certificate or Diploma or
-Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related technical discipline,
-Supplemented by 24 months of occupational experience in the field of instruction
-Credited in a programming role in IMDB, MobyGames, IGDB, etc.
-2 to 3+ years of Video Game development experience in Unity 3D or Unreal
-Has shipped 2+ mobile game titles
-Passion for Games, Passion for Education

If you wish you apply, send us the following:
-Cover Letter
-Demo Reel – (Only links to online reels will be accepted and reviewed)
-Demo Reel Breakdown
-Link to your IMDB Credits

Equal employment opportunities
Vancouver Animation School provides equal employment opportunities for instructors in their areas of specialty. To get to know more about Vancouver Animation School, please visit www.vanas.ca

About Vancouver Animation School

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