The Show Technical Director is involved in the planning and support  of the technical aspects of a given show or shows. Working closely under the direction of the CG, Comp and/or VFX Supervisor(s), the Show Technical Director collaborates with other leads to ensure a smooth technical process on the show. He or she will write application specific tools, or show specific pipeline tools as required, solve problems for non-technical artists and otherwise be the first response person for any technical issues on the show(s) he or she is assigned to.





·         Troubleshoot and help ensure consistent quality of rendering

·         Assist the CG supervisor with effective planning for 3D asset management.

·         Assist the CG supervisor with effective planning for the rendering process.

·         Assist with the support of a pipeline  and asset/project management system

·         Problem solving and developing improved software systems and tools

·         Develop and maintain proprietary tools/shaders/plugins/scripts and recommend relevant external alternatives, as appropriate

·         Monitors for and flags unforeseen 3D technical issues affecting budget and re-assesses time estimates to complete work accordingly

·         Ensures render efficiency at all stages.

·         Provides support of tools and procedures that enhance the production pipeline

·         Assist cg artists with troubleshooting of cg related issues including: fur, clothing, particle effects, animation and rendering

·         Assist comp artists with troubleshooting of comp related issues including: software problems, rendering problems, scripting issues and others.

·         Trains team members on production techniques as appropriate

·         Define crew training plan with CG Supervisor

·         Facilitates production needs of team members

·         Researches and implements techniques as needed

·         Oversees technical training of new team members

·         Interface with Pipeline and stay current with studio standards and pipeline tools


To make an application please send your Resume to Millie Cox – millie.cox@methodstudios.com