Career Opportunity: Accountant (perm, full-time)

About Us

We are a private, owner-operated independent creative agency. As the recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades, we attack our projects with creativity and precision, always delivering on quality.  We have laser-sharp focus when it comes to executing our creative projects, but we need your help to strengthen our accounting systems, controls and reporting to ensure your knowledge of best practises are cemented into our studio operations.

About You

You have good to great working experience with QuickBooks and QuickBooks payroll.  You are also experienced in designing and implementing monthly and annual forecasts and supporting corporate reporting to financial institutions.  We work in an open-office environment that is also informal, flexible, team-oriented, and creative so you should be, too!  Your organizational skills, attention to detail, and your ability to communicate effectively will help ensure that our financial systems run smoothly and people have the information they need to make sound business decisions.

About the Opportunity

Working closely with the  Executive Producer, the Accountant is responsible for maintaining cash, processing vendor invoices, issuing progress billings (and managing receivable collections), processing of bi-weekly payroll (hourly and salaried), HST/WCB/T4 filings, bank reconciliation, journal entries, general ledger account analyses and financial/budget reports.


1.     Updating and reconciling cash and bank deposits

2.     Preparing petty cash reports, expense reports, and bi-weekly cheque runs for vendor payments

3.     Entering vendor invoices, run and reconciling payables aging reports

4.     Analyzing office overhead charges and employee benefits

5.     Preparing monthly HST returns

6.     Preparing and remitting quarterly WCB premium remittances

7.     Processing payroll including preparing monthly journal entries to allocate salaries to the appropriate accounts and reconciling year-end T4’s

8.     Assisting the Executive Producer in preparing the monthly budget, preparing Budget/Actual analysis for all projects, and analyzing all proposal budgets to support RFP’s

9.     Liaising with an external Corporate accountant for year-end financial statements and corporate tax return

10.  Leading in managing SR&ED tracking/accounting and annual filing for SR&ED credits

11.  Proactively enforcing internal reporting deadlines

Please send your resume and cover letter along with compensation expectations to: recruiting @ goldtoothcreative. com

About Goldtooth Creative Agency Inc.

A boutique studio in the lush and beautiful Vancouver, Canada.  Founded in 2008, Goldtooth is one of the first rare hybrid studios of its kind : an all-in-one creative agency and full-service production studio, with a complete visual effects and post facility.  Housing a multi-award winning advertising, cinematics, and visual effects team gathered under one roof.  Artists with feature film backgrounds, specializing in bringing a cinematic quality to video game trailers, commercials, marketing media and in-game story content.  Each member of the team is a master of their craft, who bring stories to the screen from concept to completion.

Goldtooth is fortunate to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. We attack our diverse range of projects with passion and precision, delivering award-winning results.  Our content ranges with material from Live Action, CGI, to In-Game.  We handle pre-rendered, real-time, 2D, 3D, visual effects, motion graphics, and live action projects to suit the needs of major video game clients and feature film studios around the world.

Our team has delivered successful 10-60 second commercials under impossible circumstances, worked on Oscar nominated VFX films, delivered 100+ vfx shots on major Feature Films,  and produced over 2 hours of story cinematics on a single production.  We’ve completed the impossible with the most successful Webisode Series of its time, groundbreaking Marketing Stunts resulting in Trailer of the year awards, Best Trailer of All time, Best online video, Gold for copywriting, a Grammy nomination, including entire Marketing Campaigns for AAA best-selling titles, and the marketing campaign for the Best Game of the Year in 2014.

Goldtooth knows how to be unique, take chances, and be cutting edge.  We have the talent and pipeline to deal with any project, and the chomps to take a bite out of the competition, launching your product forward as you’ve always imagined.