3D Senior Environment Lead

This position is based in Vancouver. All applicants must reside in the United States or British Columbia/Ontario if applying within Canada.

We are looking for an experienced 3D Senior Environment Lead to join our team in order to work on multiple projects that included television, streamed series and Unreal initiatives. The start date is immediate.

The 3D Senior Environment Lead is responsible for leading a team and working alongside artists that create photo-real landscapes that integrate seamlessly with plate photography. Successful candidates display a high proficiency or varied skill level across the areas of model, texture, shading, look development, Houdini for scattering and the ability to slap-comp their own work.  You will lead a large team of artists, with tasks ranging from a small number of shots & scenes to working on specific assets within a larger body of work.  The 3D Senior Environment Lead is part of the Environments team and reports to the Environment Supervisor.


  • Senior technical artist in Houdini for generalist needs (minimal fx)
  • Senior TD experience with python/mel/vex coding
  • R&D on new techniques and approaches to build tasks
  • Mentor and instruct on proper use of Houdini and procedural techniques.
  • Expert knowledge in procedural builds
  • Tool creation for dept, example; vine generators, building generators, scatter systems
  • Simple crowd and flocking sim knowledge
  • Ability to conceptualize, create, and handoff complex environment builds with simple controls for downstream depts
  • Unreal experience/Interest, Senior Houdini experience, Senior Maya experience
  • Experience using MapBox in Houdini and height fields
  • On the box majority of time
  • Ability to cleanly transfer builds across different DCC’s for downstream depts.
  • Enthusiasm to assist junior and mid-level artists in dept and lighting to debug complex scenes and simplify problems


  • Minimum 5 years relevant experience in a VFX, live action studio
  • Minimum 5 years in creating digital environments for TV and/or film
  • Proven artistic ability across multiple CG disciplines including modeling, texturing, lighting, shading / look development, or compositing.
  • Ability to upres purchased items as well as create new assets when needed
  • Proficient in environment scene layout and composition
  • Prior experience using Houdini for world generation
  • Fluent in Maya
  • Fluent in Houdini
  • Working knowledge of Vray and Substance Painter
  • Experience in Photoshop, MARI
  • Ability to self-prioritize
  • Strong communicator that requires minimal guidance in the execution of VFX Tasks.
  • Must showcase an up-to-date reel with relevant work experience

Additional information

  • Candidates MUST be located in the United States, British Columbia or Ontario. This is a remote (work from home) position
  • Zoic does not cover relocation costs
  • This job description contains the basic requirements for the position and is NOT intended to be a complete list of responsibilities; other duties may be assigned
  • Due to the volume of applications we receive across our different openings we regret that only those selected to interview will be contact

About Zoic Studios

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