CG Supervisor – Waterproof Studios

Waterproof Studios is looking for an experienced CG Supervisor to work on a variety of upcoming projects.

The ideal candidate would be comfortable overseeing a project from start to completion including technical & artistic team management, day to day production and overall leadership through all departments of production through post.


  • 5+ years experience as a CG supervisor or Supervising/Lead Technical Director in a production environment
  • The ability to work well with all departments, providing leadership and solutions to their needs
  • Positive attitude & self motivated with excellent communication skills both written and oral
  • Experience dealing with transparent client communication
  • The ability to problem solve issues quickly and offer solutions in a timely manner
  • Thorough understanding CG and Engine pipelines and processes’ in all departments
  • Experience designing and implementing pipeline tools and processes’
  • Strong sense of risk versus reward when problem solving
  • Experience with day to day team and production management
  • Foster a positive team environment & transparent relationship with production
  • Work within assigned hours and able to meet production deadlines
  • Experience working with outsourcing and external contractors
  • Knowledge of scripting, Mel or Python


  • Supervising all departments in the pipeline to deliver projects from start to finish
  • Provide technical and creative solutions to all issues in production
  • Work with production, tech and art teams day to day to improve and implement tools to increase productivity
  • Organize and attend all meetings relevant to the role, including with clients
  • Work with Production to provide estimates, priorities and solutions to keep the project on track
  • Help mentor all staff- technical and artistic to improve and learn in their craft
  • Help to set the look and feel for the project
  • Provide documentation and understanding of the pipeline and tools

– Please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/ew7xMwsDmDupUF1J2


About Waterproof Studios

Waterproof Studios

Waterproof Studios based in Vancouver, BC is an award winning 3D / VFX production studio specializing in cinematics, trailers and 3D commercials. Waterproof offers competitive salaries, benefits, a relaxed work environment and a large variety of projects. Ideally situated near a skytrain and arterial routes with ample parking, Waterproof fosters a respectful, inclusive workplace with flexible options for working from home or working in the studio under strict Covid protocols including a hybrid model if desired.