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We have an ultra low budget sci fi feature film in post production.  The film is edited, coloured, dialogue edit, backgrounds, ADR is all done.  We have an amazing composer and sound designer on board, just missing a VFX artist for our 3D shots.

The bulk of the scenes we need are microscopic scale particle stuff.

– 5 scenes inside a particle accelerator where we see particle collisions happen.  A cloud of protons gets accelerated to near the speed of light and then gets smashed into the atoms of a heavy metal – we see the resulting collision / particle explosion. 

    – 3 scenes will be variations of this particle acceleration & collision. Each one will be 4 shots.  The first 3 shots of the particles speeding up faster and faster, and then 1 shot of the particle collision at the end. 

      – the first scene is a ‘normal’ particle acceleration.

      – the second scene ends with 18 particles forming into a matrix and then releasing a bunch of energy.

      – in the third scene the particle acceleration becomes unstable, and the collision ends in an explosion.

    – the fourth scene needs 3-4 variations of the particle collision where instead of colliding the cloud of protons flies right through the atoms. 

    – the fifth scene is one shot – just a slow motion flashback to the moment just before the collision that resulted in the explosion.

– 1 scene where we hold on a shot of an atom.  It kinda chills there, the electrons orbit.  Then it decays – one piece of the nucleus collapses and lets out some lightstreaks.

– 1 scene where light explodes out the windows of this garage/labortatory, but we only see the reflection of the explosion in an extreme close up of a character’s eye.  We have a plate of the garage and the ECU of the eye.

– 1 scene where this mechanical valve screws open.  We have a version of the shot that just needs the background painted out, or you could redo the shot.


Here is a rough reference video for the style for the particle stuff:


We don’t care what software this is done in as long as it looks good.  We’d be happy to do it in 3D or to fake it in after effects or really anything else you want to work in.  Everything can be delivered in 1080p.


We’ve got $4500 Canadian in the budget for these VFX.  If that’s unreasonable we could probably scrounge for some more cash.  It was a volunteer crew, we made this movie for the love of it cause we believe in it.  We really want it to be something special so we want to pay someone to do it right, and we wish we had more for you  🙂


If you’re interested shoot me a message with your resume and reel.

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