Sequence is looking for experienced digital painters/concept artists who are highly skilled in Photoshop and can speed paint and adapt to a variety of art styles.

Please reference the following links for art style and skill level before you apply with a resume and professional portfolio:


Duties include:

  • Creates visual illustrations of concepts and finished art through digital sketches and paintings
  • Ability to work within specific styles, including a style set by another Lead artist
  • Has a strong understanding of perspective drawing and architecture
  • Receives feedback and modifies work based on direction
  • Ensures consistency and quality of own work
  • Follows schedules and meets deadlines
  • Proactively recognizes potential problems and works to limit risk
  • Professional experience is expected but hiring will be based on portfolio and skill set.

Rate based on output/experience.

About The Sequence Group

The Sequence Group is a creative studio with offices in Vancouver and Melbourne. We specialize in design, animation and visual effects.

Our talented team of directors, artists, designers and animators revel in creating dynamic worlds that engage an audience while exceeding the expectations of our clients. Sequence is proud to offer full creative solutions from concept through completion with a strong emphasis on design, direction and production. Although, a boutique studio by choice, Sequence has developed a dependable depth of talent and also the flexibility to scale projects to our client’s needs. Over the past 10 years Sequence has fostered a creative atmosphere, utilizing a dramatic blend of art and technology.

Since inception, it has been our steadfast goal to entertain and inspire the viewer’s emotional connection with story and characters, regardless of the medium.