About 7 shots worth of air FX and water FX where two characters can control air and water (respectively) and have a fight against each other. The air-user (airbender) uses his staff for attacks which will need air FX. The water-user (waterbender) specifically uses her water attacks twice: 1) water from water bottle thrown up into the air and she turns it to ice shards to rain down on multiple enemies and 2) she uses sweat on her face that she wipes onto the back of her hand and flicks it into ice bullets towards her single-target enemy.

There is a VFX Supervisor still attached to this project and they can comp the FX onto the footage themselves if you are uncomfortable with that task. Additionally, the VFX Supervisor is available for meetings to properly explain what is needed.

This job is great for anyone starting up and looking to build works for their portfolio as well as gain experience working with a producer. Please note that this is an independent project so funds may be limited.

About Tammy Tsang Film

"Kaida's Escape" is a fan short film based in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Our idea stems from imagining the avatar following Korra as one who believes he's doing the righteous thing, but in actuality those outside his system see him as bad/evil.

The short follows Kaida, a young waterbender, traveling with her father to Ba Sing Se when a group of bandits ambush them, leaving Kaida to continue the rest of the journey alone.

This short is a teaser in order to crowdfund for the longer short film which follows Kaida as she arrives at Ba Sing Se, joins the resistance, and comes head-to-head with the new avatar. Those that have joined our short thus far have been fans of the original IP and we hope to continue to find others who appreciate the animated series. Our DPs are behind the Leo winning short, Bucketheads and our stunt team all stem from the recently filmed live action Netflix adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The short is available upon request as it has been picture locked with no sound work done.