Superman and Lois’ In House VFX Team is seeking an experienced Senior Nuke artist who can work both independently and lead small teams.  Look Development will be a big part of the role, we aim visually for a more a photoreal rather than a magical feeling.

For artists coming from established facilities this position may be attractive as we have a shorter pathway to Sequence lead positions.

We do our absolute best to avoid OT and weekend work because we understand you do better work with fewer hours rather than too many.

The position would include regular meetings with the show runner and senior producers, so you will have input at the highest levels. This is a fully remote position. Please also note that this is a short term position, and the contract ends end of May/Beginning of June.

About Superman and Lois In House VFX Dept.

You will work directly for Superman and Lois 'Production Company, reporting to the VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer.  We run a Nuke, Maya, Houdini and Redshift pipeline, with some After Effects artists thrown in for fun. ( we'd be willing to expand that part of the AE team if that is your thing. )

I've included a link to my website where you can get a sense for the kind of work we've been doing and the quality we are looking to you for.