Stormborn Studios is looking for a Compositing Supervisor for an exciting large scale destruction sequence.
At Stormborn we strive to work with the most talented, experienced and driven artists in the VFX industry. If you identify yourself with the following characteristics, you may be a good fit for us:

– Set extensions
– Layering/combining of many complex FX and CG elements
– Ingestion experience (plates in/out, lens distortion, reformatting, denoising, LUTs)
– knows how to read Spec Sheets
– can execute a VFX shot in his/her discipline from start to finish
– pragmatic & quick problem solver
– 8 or more years of professional experience in VFX
– Python skills a plus

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, in the meantime you can check out our portfolio here:

About Stormborn Studios Inc.

Stormborn Studios is a Vancouver based Visual Effects studio specializing in simulation-heavy sequences. We offer FX Simulations & Dynamics, Lighting, Compositing and Supervision services to our clients.