Previs/Layout Artist – All Levels

Stellar Creative Lab has just launched in Vancouver with a CG Animated feature.

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Stellar Creative Lab is looking for Previs/Layout Artists to join our CG Feature team at our new facility in Vancouver.

Previs/Layout Artists are the film’s cinematographers, and are responsible for creating the cinematic language of the film. The role requires a strong understanding of the principles of cinematography as well as animation. The role of a Previs/ Layout Artist is not only to translate the storyboards into a 3D world, but to use them as a foundation to further develop the story by supporting the characters, the action, and the film through the language of photography.

What We Need:

  • Demonstrated understanding of the principles of cinematography.
  • Character animation and posing for compositional considerations, done to a level that is required to time a sequence as accurately as possible.
  • Ability to collaborate and problem solve, not only within the camera team, but also across other departments as needed.
  • Proficient knowledge of, and experience with Maya.

Your Main Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Bringing the script and storyboards into the 3D world to achieve the vision of the Director and Director of Photography.
  • Working  with the Director of Photography and the Layout supervisor you are instrumental in creating the film’s shots, blocking in character staging, and animating the cameras.
  • Working with the animation team to respond to changes and challenges as needed.
  • Final camera work after animation, including any necessary revisions.
  • Composing and lensing each shot, blocking character animation for timing and staging and animating any camera movement.
  • Working with the editorial team to make sure sequences flow as intended including changes made by the editor.

Your Experience, Talents and Abilities:

  • 3+ years experience as a Previs/Layout/Camera artist
  • Working experience with one or more professional graphics packages including Maya, Photoshop and After Effects.
  • A keen understanding of the principles of cinematography.
  • Creative problem solving skills;  an ability to find creative solutions to blocking and staging challenges.
  • Able to follow direction, and make revisions in a timely manner