The Matte Paint Lead is the point person for Dept. All decisions regarding matte paintings and helps assigns work to team. Interact with production, supervisors and team/ peers in order to problem solve and share information related to show/ assigned tasks. Must be able to decipher as well as follow through on shot turnovers, dailies, briefings/ notes and feedback. Under the guidance of the VFX and feature animation productions, create digital foreground, mid-ground and/or background matte paintings that meet creative direction using whatever it takes — live action footage, digital still photography, concept art, rendered computer graphic elements and digital paint elements to create environments and seamlessly integrated into scenes.


Knowledge of high-end software packages such as Cinema 4D and/or Photoshop required.

7+ years of professional experience on feature films preferred.

Scripting ability in Mel, Perl or Python a plus.

Reel or digital link showcasing professional work required.

Prior lead or supervision experienced preferred.

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