Sony Pictures Imageworks Vancouver is Seeking PIPELINE TD’s!

Creates, develops and refines all technical aspects of the Maya animation production pipeline. This entails developing and supporting procedures and tools to allow for a streamlined and efficient animation pipeline consisting of character rigging, character animation, simulation, props, layout, cameras, plates, geometry conversions, and general shot asset management. Candidate is accountable for meeting schedules and show deadlines, participates in dailies, rounds and team reviews of work in progress. Interacts with production, supervisors and team/ peers in order to problem solve and share information related to show/ assigned tasks. Must be able to decipher as well as follow through on work in progress, dailies, briefings/ notes and feedback. Successful candidates should be able to work efficiently as part of a team or independently to determine the various pipeline solutions.

Knowledge of applicable software platforms including LINUX, UNIX, Maya, shell and Python scripting language. Strong knowledge of 3D programming. Background or experience in fine art which shows a thorough understanding of physical motion, weight, balance and form highly desired. Most desired 2 year diploma or 1 year certificate however minimal requirement of 5+ years of relevant experience may be accepted.

As part of the interview process you will be required to participate in a 90 minute “Technical Test”. In this technical test you will need to demonstrate your relevant coding and technical abilities to ensure your skills meet the requirements for this role.

To apply, please send resume and on-line link to your reel to: http://www.imageworks.com/job- postings/6

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