Job Summary:

You will be writing shaders in Open Shading Language (OSL) for our shader library as well as working on other look-development tools used in production with our physically-based ray tracer. You will work closely with show leads, top-notch artists, as well as the core developers of SPI Arnold, OSL, and Katana. Tasks may include the full range of low-level library functions, artist-facing visual tools, problem solving for production, and advancing the state of the art in rendering, lighting, and shading technology. Your contribution to our live-action VFX and animated feature films will be seen by millions of movie-goers.


Leverage strengths of lighting package and renderer in developing new shading technology
Maintain and expand existing codebase based on production needs
Collaborate on best practices and work to remediate workflow inefficiencies

The ideal candidate has a keen artistic eye, a deep knowledge of modern production raytracing, and experience with shader writing and shot lighting. You will join the Development Group and work within the Shading team and alongside the Katana and Arnold teams. In addition to gaining experience with advanced rendering techniques, you’ll be uniquely positioned to work alongside artists and engineers to deliver the next generation of tools to advance future productions. You can also contribute to other disciplines within the software group, according to your interests.

Minimum Requirements:

Experience with and passion for writing shaders! (Any shading language, though OSL preferred.)
3-5 years as a TD, pipeline engineer, or software developer

Desired Skills:

OSL shader writing
Physically-based shading/rendering in a raytracer
Katana production lighting experience, scripting, and API knowledge
Experienced with Python, C, C++
Highly detailed and organized in work practices
Penchant for optimization and improvement
Great team player in a highly fluid environment
Experienced with UNIX/Linux

Desired Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
QA experience

If interested please submit and cover letter and resume to: recruiting@imageworks.com

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