Sony Imageworks Vancouver is seeking Layout Artists!

Recreates the sets, objects and camera motion of a shot in 3D software environment to match live-action background plates. Create or utilize proxy props and other models based on supplied set data or other available survey information. Includes proof of scale in a virtual layout set up. Set up virtual cameras from on set data and track camera motion.  Render/track matchmove over supplied plates for approval.

Candidate is accountable for meeting schedules and show deadlines, participates in dailies, rounds and team reviews of work in progress. Interact with production, supervisors and team/ peers in order to problem solve and share information related to show/ assigned tasks. Must be able to interpret as well as follow through on shot turnovers, dailies, briefings/ notes and feedback. Successful candidates should be able to work efficiently and collaboratively as part of a team or independently to determine the various design solutions.

Basic knowledge of all CG departments. Knowledge of applicable software packages including Maya required. Good knowledge of camera composition, retiming, repositioning, lenses, aspect ratios and plate resolutions. Ability to animate CG cameras to fine detail. Proficient at matching CG assets to matchmove and lidar data. Ability to do basic character and environment animation.  Knowledge of 3D tiles and camera stitching. Ability to solve problems within a production pipeline. Ability to present clean shots for client review and suggest creative alternatives to challenges. Minimum requirement of 3+ years, feature film experience preferred.

Please note that you must be able to provide a demo reel that illustrates your relevant artistic and technical experience that also includes the nuances for this specific role.

To Apply:

Please email resume and reel to: recruiting@imageworks.com

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