Sony Imageworks Vancouver is Seeking a Senior Roto Paint Artist!

Job Description:

Digitally isolates and removes non-conforming or unwanted elements from frames of a shot, either through rotoscoping or digital painting techniques.  Ensures that voids left from removed objects are filled to seamlessly match surrounding environment.  Improves direct and reflected lighting and shadows.  Quality checks final files.  Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets.  Able to ‘fix’ multiple types of shots from simple to moderately difficult.  Candidate is accountable for meeting schedules and show deadlines, participates in dailies, rounds and team reviews of work in progress. Interact with production, supervisors and team/ peers in order to problem solve and share information related to show/ assigned tasks. Must be able to decipher as well as follow through on shot turnovers, dailies, briefings/ notes and feedback. Successful candidates should be able to work efficiently as part of a team or independently to determine the various design solutions.


Knowledge of applicable software packages including Silhouette required.  Linux and scripting ability in relevant languages including MEL, Perl and Python a plus.  Must be a skilled decision maker, ability to problem solve as well as identify potential issues. Clear vision and approachable attitude as well as a demonstrated leadership capability. Minimum requirement of 5+ years production experience or feature film experience preferred.

To Apply:

Please submit an application via: https://spe.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/Imageworks/job/Vancouver-BC-Canada/Roto-Artist–Senior_JR18-11333

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