Sony Pictures Imageworks is looking for a Shotgun software engineer to join our Vancouver, Canada development team. The position requires strong software development skills, expertise in one or more programming languages, and the ability to design high quality, robust, and easy to maintain code and tools. The engineer is primarily responsible for development and implementation of production and studio tools under the guidance of a departmental lead.  This position requires collaboration with other engineering staff, project managers, and production artists to develop and implement innovative studio capabilities.

Shotgrid and it’s database and ancillary tools make our primary production tracking system which are heavily integrated with other pipelines like Image viewing, Notes, Production planning, Scheduling, Bidding and other systems. It maintains an extensive API which helps VFX and CG production shows to be able to integrate it further and create custom tools and reports for their environments. It is central to our production management pipeline.



Experience with Project tracking software such as Shotgrid (Shotgun)
Experience of programming in web frontend using Javascript, HTML and CSS
Experience of programming in web backend using Python
Knowledge of RDBMS/SQL
Ability to design and implement systems in complex pipelines
Proven ability to deliver high quality software in a fast paced, dynamic environment
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent

Nice to have:

CG and VFX industry experience
Knowledge of Django framework and Angular framework
Experience with UNIX / Linux
Knowledge of other languages like Java
Desired Experience:

Full time 2-5 years of experience in professional software development

Who we are:

The Dev Group acts as authors, collaborators and gatekeepers of the Imageworks pipeline and software. We work with productions to develop tools and technology that make our images great. Our engineering expertise spans the entire artist workflow, as well as the tools Imageworks uses to manage its assets and track it’s productions. We have a variety of technical challenges and are looking for individuals from varying backgrounds and expertise to provide diverse voices for creative engineering solutions.

If you are interested in things like:

Managing huge environments made up of thousands of assets, and determining how best to interact with them in a software package like Maya, with multiple departments modifying the scene simultaneously.
Writing tools and Maya plugins for the creative manipulation of hair and cloth simulated elements.
Integrating Houdini and Maya tools into our fx pipeline.
GPU implementations for visualization of assets.
Core technology growth in our Katana lighting tool, working closely with The Foundry’s Katana engineers.
Reducing the time to the first pixel as well as finding efficiencies through more streamlined toolsets.
Using new distributed databases to solve multi-facility, multi-master database problems.
Managing and assigning hundreds of terabytes of storage efficiently relative to data type.
Making the most efficient use of thousands of cores when very disparate jobs need to run on them simultaneously.
Writing a distributed multi-site asset management system.
Ongoing contributions to open source projects like OpenColorIO, OpenImageIO, OSL, Alembic, and more.

If interested, please send resume and cover letter to: recruiting@imageworks.com

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