Come! Join us at The Sawmill for 3 months, help us found our Animation team!

Who are we?:
The Sawmill is an innovative new upstart graphics technology and motion capture services company, working at the intersection of the virtual and the real. Our facile abilities with difficult technical problems and efficient production pipeline has impressed everyone we have worked with. However, we do not have a strong creative team of animators, yet.

The Project:
obviously, we can’t say too much in a public forum, but it’s a technically challenging detail-oriented job keyframing emotive dynamic characters for use in a video game. Our team has the extensive technical skills required to get the work running smoothly, but we need to assemble a strong team of artists with skilled senior artists to lead them. This is going to be a solid challenge and we need the right people to help us nail this one. The project is only 3 months (a chance it might extend), but we have numerous other irons in the fire. It may turn into an amazing opportunity for the artists that join us as the company evolves.

Who will fit:
We are assembling a small team of intermediate animators that will need leadership. We need experienced proactive production minded animators with a sharp eye for details and good skills keeping teams on schedule. The team will work at our facility in Vancouver, (Marpole neighborhood) and all team members must be BC residents. This position requires 4+ years experience working with core animation implementation techniques, for example: parametric blends, additive & subtractive layers, partitioned animations, phase matching, IK solutions, ragdoll animating, and other techniques. Experience working with both animation driven and physics driven gameplay systems with an understanding of the requirements for root/trajectory motion are skills we are seeking. Senior artists must be able to get highly fluid and believeable well posed motions that establish personality and help our intermediate artists deliver the same. And do all of this while getting the project delivered on or ahead of schedule. Are you the right fit?

Incidentally, if you are more of an intermediate animator and want to join our team, we need you too!