We’re looking for an innovation-focused Location Designer to help bring our commercial projects and feature animations to life.

Who are you?
You’re a seasoned environment/background designer. Over the last 4+ years working on full-cycle Animation projects, you’ve gained expert-level insight on the tenets of location design: balance, colour, perspective, appeal, composition, and layout. You’re ready for a new challenge, working with a high-performing team. You’re a thinker, a doer, a dreamer, and a maker:

  • You have a deep knowledge of colour, composition, perspective, balance and appeal, as well as understanding the connection between stylistic backgrounds and how they work with the style of characters.
  • You’re proficient with production related tools, both creative and production related (ie, Shotgrid, Photoshop, understanding of 3D packages a plus)
  • You’re known for your strong research and reference process
  • You’re confident in your creativity and ability. You’re an effective and clear communicator that’s unafraid to ask great questions, identify solutions, and troubleshoot

Wait, what? That’s me! Tell me more. What would my day look like?
Working closely with the art director, client and supervising director you’ll create original designs in 2D, with a focus on volume and dimension, as the designs would be converted into 3D environment models. You’ll work with stakeholders to develop and maintain a consistent style across an animated series.

  • You’ll review the Main Design Pack, initial storyboards and scripts to develop rough and clean designs as well as colour palettes for each episode, and stock library designs.
  • You’ll participate in regular reviews and discussions of each design, with Art Director and Supervising Director for changes and revisions
  • You’ll provide final finished version of each design for modelling team
  • You’ll tweak and revise design accordingly where needed, to fit into a 3D asset
  • You’ll communicate clearly on milestones with the production team and strictly adhere to production deadlines

Yeah, I want in! How do we get started?

We thought you would. We need to see some evidence of your production experience, how you’ve made an impact on other teams. Please be sure to include a link to your demo reel or portfolio in your application–with examples of your professional and/or personal work. Apply today or send an email out to join.us@reli.sh if you’ve got questions.

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