Rainmaker / Mainframe Studios is on the lookout for a Lead Animator on an exciting new Dreamworks TV Series! Under the guidance of the Director, Animation Director and Supervisor, on a CG animated film, the Lead Animator provides creative mentorship to the animation team by example.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Helps to define and implement the standards for the acting performance.
  • Develops and defines animation styles and techniques which set the stage for outstanding performance and unique storytelling.
  • Motivates, mentors and supports the team to consistently strive towards excellence.
  • Oversees character consistency throughout or on assigned sequences, ensuring that key character and story moments are supported through performance.
  • Works with the Supervisor and/or production management to cast animators to characters/sequences/shots that best suit their skill set.
  • Collaborates with creative and technical staff to ensure animation feasibility within the confines of schedule and budget.
  • Seeks creative options to maximize re-use when applicable.
  • Provides vision, feedback, motivation and support to the team.
  • Provides coaching, mentoring and training as necessary.
  • Partners with production management and Animation Supervisor in tracking and providing support to artists to ensure the on-time delivery of high quality shots.
  • Ensures that the animators are achieving balance, composition and timing requirements in a way that supports story and character performance.
  • Guides animation team to creatively enhance material in order to achieve set standards of performance and complexity.
  • Interprets, implements, and facilitates notes and feedback from Director and Animation Supervisor in a timely and manner and of highest quality.
  • Adheres to digital file management protocols.
  • Aligns and engages with the values of Rainmaker: a culture of community, connectivity, creativity and collaboration.
  • Interacts respectfully and professionally with colleagues, staff members and clients.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Experience in classical animation, stop motion or claymation.
  • Advanced knowledge of principles of animation, anatomy, perspective and composition.
  • Advanced acting skills that in turn set the standards for the project’s character performance.
  • Extensive knowledge of modeling, character rigging and facial animation.
  • Advanced knowledge of software is required. Advanced knowledge of Maya animation tools.
  • Strong storytelling skills along with expertise on how to enrich acting performance.
  • Ability to communicate ideas clearly and/or demonstrate both verbally and visually.
  • Ability to collaborate and facilitate feedback requested by executives and/or clients as required.
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback and inspire team to strive for excellence.
  • Solid team leader, delegator and decision-maker.
  • Adaptable and able to change course of action quickly per production needs. Highly motivated, pro-active, solutions-oriented, solid work ethic and positive attitude. Ability to work well under pressure.
  • Consistently strives to expand knowledge base.
  • Efficient and detail oriented. Ability to prioritize duties in order to fulfill both personal quota and team quota requirements.
  • Exceptional problem solving skills and ability to work collaboratively. Actively improves skill set to remain at cutting edge of industry trends.
  • Ability to oversee and deliver the highest quality animation feasible within the production parameters and consistently meet departmental production quota requirements.