Rainmaker / Mainframe Studios is on the lookout for an experienced Layout Supervisor on an exciting upcoming TV Series, Made By Maddie. Created by Paula Rosenthal, and Produced by Silvergate Media (known for Sunny Day and Peter Rabbit), this animated series follows a little girl, Maddie, in the high fashion world as she makes everything around her a bit brighter, bolder and more brilliant, one design fix at a time.

Layout Supervisor is responsible for leading the team that realizes the storyboards in 3D and prepares all shots for the animation department.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Works with the Modeling and World Building department to make sure the final vision of the Director and Art Director is realised within the constraints of the production.
  • Leads the team and realizes the storyboards into the 3D environment.
  • Oversees the team whose job it is to review scene folders making sure all necessary assets are ready for integration into the shot.
  • Supervises the team responsible for swapping out proxy models for final low-resolution animation ready models.
  • Checks and references elements to make sure proper versions are used.
  • Applies motion capture data to character/creature models, if applicable.
  • Adjusts the cameras after final animation, if applicable.
  • Oversees shot content accuracy in relation to timing and continuity.
  • Responsible for performance management and artist’s reviews.
  • Ability to prioritize artwork deliverables with the goal to facilitate optimal workflow in the production pipeline as it pertains to animation production.
  • Provides vision, feedback, motivation and encouragement to the team.
  • Motivates, mentors and supports the crew to consistently strive towards excellence.
  • Interprets, implements, and facilitates notes and feedback from the Director in a timely and qualitatively acceptable way.
  • Responsible for leading the team in creatively plusing the material when applicable and achieving the set standards of complexity.
  • Collaborates with animation supervisor to ensure all elements are included and set-up as required.
  • Supervises completion of all shot set up assignments per production schedule.
  • Adheres to digital file management protocols.
  • Aligns and engages with the values of Rainmaker: a culture of community, connectivity, creativity and collaboration.
  • Interacts respectfully and professionally with colleagues, staff members and clients.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Degree and/or diploma in fine arts or animation or equivalent experience required.
  • 4-6+ years of experience working in a professional environment within their discipline.
  • Worked on at least 2-3 high-end, feature quality productions.  Lead or Supervisor experience preferred.
  • Extensive knowledge of camera composition and good sense of aesthetics.
  • Advanced level proficiency in using Maya is required.
  • Ability to liaise with production staff and artists and clearly communicate production process, plans and concepts and set clear expectations.
  • Practices attentive and active listening.  Shares information, methodologies and ideas with others.
  • Excellent leadership skills inspiring the team to work as a cohesive unit and eager to put forth their best.
  • Ability to predict potential problems and trouble shoot as necessary. Open to and encourages feedback and new initiatives.
  • Excellent leadership skills inspiring the team to work as a cohesive unit and eager to put forth their best.
  • Ability to predict potential problems and trouble shoot as necessary.
  • Proven abilities to oversee Shot Set Up Dept., and ensure work quality and consistency.
  • Adaptable to change, he/she can alter course of action quickly per production needs. Highly motivated, pro-active, solution-minded, solid work ethic and positive attitude. Consistently strives to expand knowledge base.
  • Makes decisions in a timely manner. Accepts accountability for own actions. Creatively solves problems, eliminates roadblocks and focuses on issue at hand.
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills. Ability to multi-task and delegate.
  • Outstanding problem solving skills and ability to work collaboratively.
  • Responsible for managing the Shot Set Up Dept. and meeting quota expectation per project’s requirements.