Method’s Pipeline Department writes and manages software which connects the various technologies and applications which comprise the VFX film production pipeline into a single conceptual whole.  Images and data must flow through this system in a way that emphasizes efficiency and control, and the volume of data, highly iterative workflow, and many third party applications involved in project based film work pose special challenges to this goal.

Within the department, the smaller Core team focuses on the foundation of the production system, overseeing the architecture and development of software libraries, in-house applications, and databases.  These include tools for asset management, software packaging, production tracking, render farm management, inter-site collaboration, and more.  We’re looking for more core devs to help us write high quality, reliable software for our studios.

Core Developers are primarily responsible to the Core lead for:

    Writing and upgrading libraries, applications, web interfaces, and databases.

    Proactively triaging bug reports and executing scheduled repairs.

    Regularly reviewing schedules and assessing development progress.

Additionally, developers also:

    Collaborate with artists, managers, and our librarian on new and existing projects.

    Conform all code to Method coding standards and conventions, and propose new ones.

    Suitably document projects, in code and in our internal wiki.

    Suggest improvements to any areas of the company to the Core Lead or Head of Pipeline.

    Receive feedback from other developers from code reviews and project post-mortems.


Minimum qualifications:

    Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a suitable equivalent combination of education            and experience.

    Fluent in Python, with good C/C++, SQL, or other language exposure.

    Experience with one or more database management systems.

    Experience developing in Linux.

    Familiarity with Git and collaborative development workflows (code reviews, code                        standards, etc).

Specially considered qualifications:

    Member of the ACM or IEEE Computer Society

    2 years experience working with visual effects post-production pipelines

    Familiarity with computer graphics applications (e.g. Maya, Nuke, Houdini)

    Familiarity with render farm software

Please e-mail van-recruiting[at]methodstudios.com with your résumé and your current or upcoming availability with subject line “Core Software Developer” and your name, as in: “Core Software Developer – John Smith”. We thank all candidates in advance for applying but only those selected will be contacted for an interview.

Located in Vancouver at 50 W. 2nd Avenue, Method Studios is an award-winning, international visual effects group with facilities in Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, London, Sydney, and Melbourne. As an artist-driven company known for its creativity, Method Studios services high-end feature film, commercial, television, games, and motion graphics clients in the global marketplace. Built around an exceptional team of VFX professionals, our international facilities provide a full range of services including conceptual design, look development, on-set supervision, 3D animation/CGI, matte painting, compositing, and finishing. With its global reach accented by its boutique accessibility, the company has the capacity to service its clientele wherever production is situated.

Recent feature credits for Method include: “Ant-man”, “San Andreas”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb”, “Jupiter Ascending”, “The Maze Runner”, “The Giver”, “Into The Storm”, “Snowpiercer”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Transformers: Age of Extinction”, “Maleficent”, “Thor 2”, “Cloud Atlas”, “Argo”, “Dark Shadows”, “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2”, “Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter”, “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”, “Clash of the Titans 2”, “Contagion”, and “Elysium”.

Upcoming feature work includes: “Pelé”, “Tarzan”, “5th Wave”, “King Arthur,” and several upcoming Marvel projects!