The Layout Artist creates full environments based on the instructions of the VFX and CG Supervisors using established studio tools and workflows outlined by the department Supervisor and Lead. The Layout Artist will utilize tracking/matchmove data along with on-set materials and assets output from various departments to assemble and maintain shots for FX, Lighting, Animation, DMP and Compositing departments.


  • Reports to LayoutDepartment Supervisor.
  • Based on instructions from the VFX, CG supervisors and layout lead, assemble and maintain assets into project/sequence/shot based environments.
  • Assemble tracking/matchmove data into approved environment locations using studio tools and workflows.
  • Apply retime data to any animated assets that are maintained under the layout department tasks.
  • Follow studio pipeline and workflow standards setup and maintained by the Layout department Lead and Supervisor.
  • Create entirely CG camera animation based on previs and/or details from the VFX Supervisor.
  • Include proof of scale in layout set up.
  • Create custom geometry assets when requested for lighting, FX and compositing departments
  • Attend all applicable dailies to review tasks when requested.
  • Inform the Layout Lead and Department Manager of any additional tasks or priority requests.
  • Contribute animation, rotomation, modeling and Previz skills when needed.
  • Process on-set data when required, including photogrammerty, Totalstation, Lidar data for use in tracking, modeling and lookdev.
  • Create proxy props and other models based on supplied set data/Totalstation/Lidar scans or other available survey information.
  • Based on project requirements and studio resources, travel to on-set locations for data collection may be required.


  • Minimum 2 years VFX layoutexperience on feature films required
  • Strong knowledge of Maya with skills in cameras, modeling, animation and rendering.
  • Knowledge of Houdini, Nuke, Vray, Zbrush, Speedtree essential
  • Scripting abilities in python and MEL a plus
  • Understanding of tracking/matchmove concepts and software including 3DEqualizer, Pftrack or Boujou.
  • Some comprehension of photographic composition, understanding of cameras and the effects of different lenses on perspectives.
  • Some animation grounding (preferred CG feature film character animation).
  • On-set data collection experience is a plus.

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