Full-stack / Resourceful / Problem Solver

Projects: VR games and non-game experiences
Duration: Full-time opportunity
Location: Remote but must be living in the Greater Vancouver area


  • Design, develop, and maintain C# code
  • Work closely with designers to implement gameplay and interactive features and functionality using Unity
  • Create and improve tools as necessary to support specific features
  • Continuously test, debug, profile, analyze, and optimize on applicable VR hardware
  • Contribute innovative and original ideas on all aspects of virtual reality production and development
  • Participate in daily scrum meetings (online) and weekly check-in meetings (in-person)
  • Respond promptly to Slack messages


  • Demonstrated proficiency in C#
  • Minimum 1 year of experience or at least one released title using Unity 5 or above (game jam & hobby projects are counted)
  • Strong 3D math and geometry knowledge (eg. vectors, vector operations, matrices, matrix transformations, Euler angles, and quaternions)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, related discipline or equivalent experience
  • Self-driven and self-motivated in a home environment
  • Disciplined without needing constant supervision
  • Strong communicator (in-person, email, instant messaging, webcam meetings)
  • Punctual with deadlines

Nice to haves:

  • Past experience working remotely
  • Past experience developing VR experiences
  • Owns a VR headset (i.e. HTC Vive / Oculus Rift)
  • Experience using Trello, JIRA, Plastic SCM, Perforce, and related technologies
  • Experience with Agile & Scrum workflow
  • Participation in game jams and hackathons
  • Experience with the Unity profiler
  • Shader coding
  • Experience with netcode and multiplayer implementation for games


To Apply:

1. Read the following articles about remote working to see if you would be a good fit:

  • Is Your ‘Personality Type’ Right for Working Remotely? – https://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/is-your-personality-type-right-for-working-remotely.html
  • 21 Tried-and-True Tips For Remote Working – https://auth0.com/blog/21-tips-for-remote-working/
  • Effective Tips for Working Remotely – https://medium.com/swlh/effective-tips-for-working-remotely-23cc290a8c08

2. Email careers@metanautvr.com with the following:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • A link to your portfolio and/or other pieces of work

About Metanaut

Metanaut is a small award-winning team of virtual reality enthusiasts who are passionate about building a better future. Our focus is to develop fun and valuable VR apps that are exceptional in design.

We split our time between the metaverse and Vancouver, and we want you to join us in the journey!

Why Metanaut

  • Do what you love — Pursue your passion, and help pioneer the future of VR / AR
  • Escape the cubicle — Work from home in comfort, and save time from not having to commute
  • Focus on your life’s work — No micromanagement. No corporate hierarchies. No politics
  • Be who you are — We value your individuality and encourage you to share your vision

Our Culture

We believe VR/AR is the future, and will enable us to create, think, and play in far richer ways than we're accustomed to now. More than ever, creators have greater control over a user's faculties and so kindness (the desire to do good) and diversity (the open-mindedness to explore worlds unknown) has never been more important. And so, here at Metanaut, we have a collaborative and creative culture driven by a team of bright, hard-working, diverse, kind souls.

Some of our projects come from distinguished clients, but most of it comes from our team. Everyone who works here has a direct impact on the direction of our projects.