Leitmotif Pictures is a collection of filmmakers from Vancouver and Edmonton which focuses on telling compelling, relevant, and imaginative stories of all genres and expressions.

For the past two years we have been making a shortfilm where music tells the story rather than words. The film is called “Evensong”, and takes place inside of a cathedral. It features a floating crystal, which we’ve approached the old-school way through stop-motion animation and puppetry. At several places however, we must create a digital effect where the puppeteered crystal transforms into a candle flame.

Attached is a 3-minute clip from the film for context. The transformation (with placeholder crossfade) happens at about 55-seconds into the clip:

Evensong (work in progress)

We’re looking for artists who are interested in collaborating with us. We can’t yet offer the same budgets that large production companies can, but if the work that we do intrigues you, we’d be happy to talk more. Feel free to check out our website to gauge if you are interested.