LEAD CREATURE FX TD – Image Engine, Vancouver, BC
Contract: starting late April, 2015
Project:  various

Are you interested in working for a growing, independent, award winning studio? This opportunity involves working in a strong, R&D supported pipeline, a friendly and collaborative environment, and with a group of passionate artists all working towards realizing the Director’s dream.


  • The Lead Creature Effects TD is responsible for leading a small team in designing and creating simulations related to the realistic movement of a creature, including clothing, hair, fur, skin and muscles. This person will also take charge of the continuing improvement of Image Engine’s Creature Effects workflow and tools.
  • The Lead Creature FX TD must assume responsibility for delivering the Simulation (Cloth, Muscle and Skin, Hair and Fur ) and Technical Animation work (Pre and post) for the show/department
  • Responsible for working with the relevant Producers and Supervisors to assess, assign and lead the implementation of Creature Effects needs
  • Build and maintain Dynamic rigs of varying complexity (hero and background assets, digital doubles etc), to meet the requirements of the show
  • Address supervisor and client comments by integrating solutions into assets or providing one-off shot fixes as appropriate to deliver required results with maximum efficiency
  • Attend/lead dailies, reviews, and team meetings as required
  • Work with the rigging, assets, animation and other departments, as required, to maintain continuity between projects and ensure information is communicated up and down the pipeline
  • Write utility scripts and provide input regarding existing tools and interfaces for creature FX pipeline and workflow
  • Assist members of the team to learn and grow their skills to meet their career aspirations by providing informal feedback, tips and tricks, and encouragement


  • Strong understanding of real-world physics and anatomy and a desire to learn more depending on the requirements of the project
  • Deep understanding of the Maya dynamics tool sets and ability to quickly pick up proprietary tools and pipeline. Experience with Houdini is also appreciated.
  • Working knowledge of at least one scripting language (python preferred)
  • Rigging knowledge is a plus
  • Strong communication skills and a clear understanding of animation requirements. The applicant must be able to work alongside other creative and technical artists.
  • Excellent problem solver who can focus on detail, while maintaining the whole picture

The CFX Lead should have 5+ years of progressive experience leading small to medium size teams (i.e. 3+ people) on large projects (300+ shots).

E-mail a link to your demo reel and resume to jobs@image-engine.com. The subject should read “Lead Creature FX TD – your name”