VFX Editors at Image Engine play a very important role in the initial setup and continued management of all editorial material, setup and control of internal daily sessions, and quality control of all shot outputs for our clients. VFX Editors are also responsible for all editorial work relating to show demo reels and any additional promotional pieces.

VFX Editors work in conjunction with the Executive Producers and Central Production Manager to ensure all tasks are managed to meet client show delivery requirements. In addition, VFX editors will work with the Marketing Manager to develop demo reels to help promote Image Engine’s work and secure new business. They will ensure that all work completed is brand aligned and highlights the areas of work specified by the Executive Producer/Marketing Manager.


Setting up a show’s editorial components, and working with pipeline/workflow team to ensure correct client show specs are in place
Help ingest and setup/process all client editorial material, including client cuts, Avid bins, VFX line-up sheets, plates, CDLs, etc.
Set up Shotgun with all editorial related information from client VFX line-ups, such as frame ranges, retimes, and all other client editorial information, then communicate and manage this information for a show’s duration
Set up editorial references for artists to match retimes, repositions, and other client editorial vfx indications, and provide additional details where required
Update sequences with any changes to the cut from client editorial and clearly communicate these changes to the team
Keep cuts updated with latest VFX versions of shots, and create review media of these cuts for team and supervisor review on a regular basis
Maintain databases and logs of work progress as required to efficiently track the status of all work and provide easy updates to managers and coordinators
QC all shot deliveries to client and other material, such as plates for outsource vendors
Setup and run RV for dailies and additional screenings (remote and/or theatre reviews)
Create and update demo reels of VFX material for specific needs as assigned by Marketing and Production
Other duties and responsibilities consistent with your position as may be assigned to you from time to time


Minimum 2 years of film editing experience
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent technical school certification in film editing or computer graphics, or equivalent work experience (Experience must be in animation, film or digital effects)


Technical skills

Advanced knowledge of Avid Media Composer
Familiarity with RV, Resolve, Nuke, Adobe Premiere (+CS) is an asset
Good understanding of Autodesk Shotgun production tracking system
Comfortable using Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems

Core skills

Ability to work well in a team environment in a professional manner within tight deadlines
Effective troubleshooting skills and ability to deal with competing priorities and projects
Able to manage multiple projects and tasks efficiently and accurately
Capable of learning new workflows quickly and accurately, and adapting workflows to fit new project needs.
Able to make independent decisions and exercise creative judgment in the development of projects
Ability to adapt quickly to new technologies and applications
Excellent time management and communication skills
A passion for editing