The Technical Assistant department is the first line of support for technical issues. They manage Tractor, wrangle the farm jobs, provide Tier 1 farm pipeline support, assist production with data I/O, and are the caretakers of the on-site camera equipment and mocap suits. The Technical Assistant will be responsible for daily performance of the company’s computer systems including monitoring renders, providing queue support to users, monitoring disk servers, performing backups/restores, and handling incoming/outgoing data transfers. Qualified candidates will have the opportunity to code from time to time. This position will also provide technical assistance, support and assist computer users with hardware and software questions. This is an entry level position.


Manage studio resources, including disk space and render farm utilization.
Monitor the studio ticketing system and overall health of the render & storage resources.
Prepare incoming/outgoing data transfers.
Troubleshoot and correct failing tasks.
Perform backups and restores; maintain tape library and database; update online database.
Assist in writing tools and the maintenance of the operations manual and procedures; make recommendations and enhance procedures to increase productivity, organization and efficiency.
Shift work which includes nights and some weekends


CS degree or equivalent experience.
Knowledge of Linux/Unix, Windows, and MacOS.
Knowledge of VFX pipelines including:An understanding of film imagery, formats of image files and codecs
Knowledge of Renderfarm and farm management (eg. Tractor)
Knowledge of VFX software packages (Maya, Arnold, Nuke etc.)
Knowledge of high-end/ high capacity storage systems
Knowledge of production tracking systems (Shotgun)


Technical skills

Unix experience (proficiency with basic tools).
Familiarity with most basic system administration tools and processes.
Familiarity with networked/distributed computing concepts.
Entry level scripting language experience (eg. Python).

Core skills

Ability to work as part of a team.
Excellent troubleshooting skills.
Excellent communication skills and ability to work with people with various levels of technical proficiency.
Desire to provide excellent customer support in a production environment.
Excellent documentation skills.
Interest in computer animation and visual effects.


*Candidates are required to be based in British Columbia.