The Senior Grooming Artist is responsible for delivering high quality assets in a quick and efficient manner. They will act as an example to and mentor junior artists and will deliver all tasks within the required timeframe. They will have practical experience in all areas of Grooming. The Senior Grooming Artist will be able to apply briefing notes with minimal direction from team Leads or Supervisors. They will quality check all of their work and occasionally will assist the Leads to quality check the work of junior artists should the workload require it. The Senior Grooming Artist will be complete all aspects of look development work on assets across multiple shows, and create high quality assets at varying levels of difficulty.

(In addition, The Senior Grooming Artist will assist the Leads and Asset Supervisor to flag issues, quality checks their work and occasionally they work of others. They will potentially assist in the Lead role on a short term basis in the event of an absence or production needs require it. They will participate in team meetings when necessary.)

Create fur/feather/hair/environment grooms for characters, creatures and environments using a mix of off the shelf and Image Engine proprietary tools.
Make technical and creative adjustments under the direction of the Asset Supervisor, CG Supervisor, and VFX Supervisor.
Simulate hair and fur within the shot-pipeline

Proven experience with Hair and Fur groom in VFX productions and or high-end 3D animation
Excellent technical trouble shooting skills and problem solving abilities
Eye for detail and able to review own work to ensure highest quality grooms
Excellent time management and prioritization skills; experience working under tight deadlines
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Team player who is also able to work independently with minimal supervision
Good working knowledge of hair and fur software such as Yeti and Houdini