The Matchmove Artist is responsible for delivering high quality shots in a quick and efficient manner within the required timeframe. The Matchmove artist will have a thorough knowledge base of the tools and software required to execute high quality shots and deliver complex Camera MM, Roto-animation, object tracks and shot sculpting in a timely manner. They will setup sequences, create witness camera lineups, create photo lineups and model the set geometry as needed. They will act as an example to junior artists. They will quality check all of their work and occasionally will assist the Matchmove Lead to quality check the work of junior artists. They will work closely with Leads to communicate issues and recommend solutions.


Performs complex matchmove camera tracking, rotoanim, solving lens distortion, animated distortion, shot sculpts, photo lineups, photogrammatry and custom set builds.
Identify solutions and approaches to solve difficult shots with minimal guidance
Communicates and Collaborates effectively with teammates and the MM Supervisor and Leads
Assist with outsourcing including ingesting and packaging
Does basic composites to judge the camera and object / rotoanim solves
Setup the technical approach of the Matchmove work for a shot, sequence, or an entire aspect of a show under the direction of the MM Supervisor
Provide support and mentorship to junior Matchmovers
Updates the documentation for processes and workflow as needed
Ensure quality standards are met by administering final quality control checks for all artist’s work
Provide recommendations/technical solutions for effective task completion
Provide assistance to MM artists in the event an assigned task proves to be too difficult


5 years’ experience with a high-level film-TV VFX pipeline in MM
Must have expert experience with Linux, 3DEqualizer & Maya


Technical skills

Strong understanding of on-set photography and film and how various camera rigs create camera movement in live action plates
Expert understanding of Linux, 3DEqualizer & Maya
Ability to script in MEL and Python is an asset
Experience with Nuke, Photoscan & Houdini a plus
Experience with Photogrammatry, Photograghy, Lidar, Total station data and survey a plus

Core skills

Ability to troubleshoot and deal with competing priorities
Excellent time management and communication skills
Must have an eye for detail – capable of problem solving and Quality Control of their own work
Confident grasp of overall visual effects workflow required
Ability to be adaptable and accepting of changes in a production schedule
Aware of project schedules and capable of delivering work to deadlines
An understanding of animation principles and work methods
Good communication skills both technically and creatively


*Candidates are required to be based in British Columbia.