The Senior BG Prep Artists is responsible for delivering high quality shots in a quick and efficient manner. They will act as an example to junior artists and deliver all tasks with in the required timeframe. They will understand all aspects of the BG Prep role. Senior BG Prep artists will apply briefing notes with minimal direction from team Leads or Supervisors. They will quality check all of their work and occasionally will assist the BG Prep Leads to quality check the work of junior artists should the workload require it. The will work closely with Leads to communicate issues and recommend solutions.


Apply client notes to all plates with minimal guidance
Identify solutions and approaches to solve difficult shots without guidance
Communicate successes and challenges faced by the team to the BG Prep Leads
Understand elements impacting the downstream departments to foresee/prevent challenges in BG Prep department
Process requests from pipeline departments
Use time management skills to schedule meetings and tasks effectively
Manage time and resources to meet weekly targets
Complete prep duties such as rotoscoping, marker removal, plate preparation, plate retiming, motion capture actor removal, crew/camera/set removal, rig and wire removal, and set extensions


5 years of feature film/TV production experience
Proficient in Nuke
Experience with Photoshop
Working knowledge of Silhouette or Mocha is preferred
Knowledge of a 3D package such as Maya and 3DS Max is an asset


Technical skills

Experience in Rotoscoping for film
Strong knowledge of tracking (camera tracking, planar tracking, 2D tracking)
Proficient in keying
Ability to complete frame by frame paint
Experience with colour management
Experience with Linux based OS
Utilizing 3D projection workflow in Nuke
Understanding of grain management
Excellent eye for detail for quality control

Core skills

Ability to provide Leads with estimate of time of task completion to support Supervisor in the bidding process
Ability to troubleshoot and deal with competing priorities
Ability to complete quality control
Strong leadership skills
Excellent time management and communication skills
Eye for detail

*Candidates are required to be based in British Columbia.