PIPELINE TD – Image Engine, Vancouver, BC
CONTRACT: starting March, 2016

Well known for our work on Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, Elysium and Chappie among others, Image Engine creates numerous incredible creatures, epic environments and extraordinary digital effects for a broad range of feature films! We are led by a team of creative and passionate individuals who are committed to furthering the art of visual storytelling, and helping our exceptionally talented crew to push the boundaries of artistic and technical achievement at our studio.

Pipeline Developers are responsible for improving the overall efficiency of the facility wide production pipeline. You will design and implement long term technological advancements and find creative solutions to immediate production problems.
We are particularly interested in teammates who enjoy working across the entire gamut of VFX production, but having a passion for a certain subset of VFX (e.g. 3d, rendering, color, render farms, etc) or expertise in certain software (e.g. Maya, Houdini, Shotgun, PyQt/PySide) is always a plus.
The Pipeline team also provides the primary line of support for artists and production staff at Image Engine. The role requires strong communication skills, a cool head under pressure, and a genuine desire to help your peers, and the studio, bring their artistry to the next level.
Our mission is to make it faster and easier for our artists to create and iterate, with tools they find intuitive and enjoy using.
We’re excited to find the next great member of our team!

Design, implement, and manage tools that assist artists with their daily use of in-house, open source, and third party software and systems.
Provide support to artists and production staff to facilitate creative and efficient workflows
Support the flow of data between Maya/Houdini/Nuke and our Asset Management system
Design, develop, and maintain both facility wide and show specific tools and scripts
Clearly communicate successes and challenges faced by the team to the Head of Technical Production and Pipeline Lead
Provide support for artists in learning and using the pipeline
Be an additional point of support for shot based issues, alongside Leads and Supervisors
Act as a liaison for communicating technical issues to IT or R&D

Previous experience as a Pipeline Developer in Film VFX or a closely related industry
A degree or equivalent in Computer Graphics, Computer Science or other related course
In love with the Movies!!

Technical skills
Experience of Python and shell scripting is required. PyQt/PySide, C or C++ is a plus
Meticulous and efficient coding standards
Experience with Linux is required
Experience in at least one high end VFX software package (e.g. Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Shotgun)
Experience building and deploying software (SCons, CMake, Git)

Core skills
Ability to balance quick turnaround while achieving a high degree of technical quality
Ability to troubleshoot and deal with competing priorities and projects
Ability to take direction and feedback from a supervisor or a peer
Ability to maintain a calm, positive attitude during high-pressure and time-critical events
Excellent time management and communication skills
Team oriented with good communication skills, able to work closely with artists
Interest in monitoring and identifying potential inefficiencies in a production pipeline
Ability to adapt quickly to new technologies and applications