CG SUPERVISOR – Image Engine, Vancouver, BC
Contract: starting May/June 2016
Project: TBD


Well known for our work on Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, Image Engine has gone on to create numerous incredible creatures, epic environments and extraordinary digital effects for a broad range of feature films! We are led by a team of creative and passionate individuals who are committed to furthering the art of visual storytelling, and helping our exceptionally talented crew to push the boundaries of artistic and technical achievement at our studio.

The CG Supervisor is essential to the final delivery of high quality digital effects for our clients. The CG Supervisor will work in partnership with the VFX Supervisor to ensure the creative and technical visions of our clients are realized. The CG Supervisor will familiarize themselves will all aspects of the show, the capabilities of Image Engine’s existing tools and capabilities of the team to assess what will be required to deliver exceptional quality work for our clients.

In addition, they will identify gaps in abilities and work with the R&D Team to develop tools and approaches to ensure that the resources available meet the needs of our Artists to complete their work. They will work with the VFX Supervisor and department Leads/Supervisors assess the needs during the pre-production schedule and ensure that they have the appropriate workflow capabilities to get the job done.

In contrast to the VFX Supervisor who acts as the client facing creative Supervisor, the CG Supervisor will act as the internal facing technical Supervisor. They will provide supervision and support to various teams of artists/developers as well as delegate to department Leads/Supervisors. The CG Supervisor will provide both creative and technical problem solving approaches to their work.

The CG Supervisor will also contribute to the overall operation and improvement of Image Engine by setting and maintain Image Engine standards. This will include, but will not be limited to engaging in cross-department communication, keeping abreast of new technologies, documentation, taking part in interviews and participating in the buddy system for new employees.


  • Act as the primary technical leadership on the project
    Manage the techniques used to generate and edit CG elements from asset creation to final composition
    Work with Production to determine what information may be required from clients to ensure a smooth show setup
    Determines technical approaches needed to achieve desired look and behaviors of the production’s assets within agreed technical pipeline
    Work with R&D and Production to define future direction of technology development at Image Engine.
    Work with pipeline to write, edit, install, and maintain show-specific configuration files and scripts. (Outputs configuration – dailies, videouts, color pipeline etc.)
    Identifies, defines, prioritizes and oversees the implementation of tools that automate production tasks
    Set up Workflow Templates (WFTs) at the show level
    Provide references, recommendations or technical solutions for effective task completion
    Review scope of work and assign tasks based on artist skills/abilities
    Utilize effective communication skills to receive client notes and deliver instructions/feedback to the VFX Supervisor and artists
    Install standardized show-level assets (such as AnimationExtras or MatchMoveExtras)
    Assist the team in debugging problematic shots and assist in optimizing shots for efficiency
    Evaluate artist workflow with an eye on improving productivity and automating processes
    Deliver final shots that are creatively and technically excellent
    Be actively involved in mentoring juniors throughout productions
    Builds consensus among technology, creative and production management to create efficiencies
    Serves as key technical expert on productions


  • A minimum of 5 years CG experience in high-end film
    2 years of experience as a Lead
    Supervisory experience is an asset
    Is a proven leader in setting direction for a production and for inspiring and motivating production staff
    Demonstrated experience teaching/ mentoring coworkers and assume leadership role
    Assess and optimize render performance to make optimal use of available renderfarm allocation


Technical skills

  • Ability to train and coach artists in Lighting techniques and approaches
    Expert knowledge of PRMan or a RenderMan compliant renderer like 3Delight
    Proven experience with Maya and Nuke
    Experience with programming/scripting languages (such as python, C++, etc.) is a plus
    Strong aptitude for technical workflow challenges such as directory structure, file formats, naming conventions, scripts, automation tools, automated dailies, etc.
    Thorough understanding of a linear color-space workflow
    Excellent eye for detail for quality control

Core skills

  • Ability to complete bids; determine the timeframe and scope required for each project
    Ability to troubleshoot and deal with competing priorities
    Capable of managing a team of artists; setting expectations, and managing their time
    Ability to assess Image Engine resources and talent pool to ensure workflow can be completed
    Strong leadership skills
    Excellent time management and communication skills
    Excellent problem solver who can focus on detail, while maintaining the whole picture