The Coordinator position is a critical role in show delivery. The Coordinator will act as a liaison between the Production Manager and Department Supervisors to flag any issues which may delay workflow or shot delivery. They translate bids into man days to ensure adequate number of artists are scheduled to meet delivery requirements. They promote interdepartmental communication to expedite completion. The will be on the pulse of all shots within their department and will communicate status report updates to the Production Manager when required.

Coordinators understand issues within the pipeline and can anticipate workflow problems which may slow delivery. Furthermore, he/she should be able to devise solutions, or will flag these issues to the PM so that implications can be mitigated.

The Coordinator will  mentor Coordinators with regards to best practices to increase continuity across shows and departments. It is expected that a  Coordinator will take initiative for other duties and responsibilities when required.


●     Ensure the highest level of productivity of the artists and make sure that they are aware of upcoming deliverables

●     Use time management skills to schedule meetings and tasks effectively

●     Organize internal dailies and rounds sessions

●     Take and distribute detailed meeting notes

●     Work with the Production Manager and Supervisors to adhere to schedule and keep schedules and artists on track

●     Track the status of all shots in the pipeline, maintaining an accurate and up-to-date database

●     Communicate successes and challenges faced by the team to the Production Manager, providing updates on team morale

●     Ability to have insight into what the artists’ need and flag any OT required in advance

●     Mentor new coordinators and advise and guide current coordinators on IE’s best production practices

●     Ensure artists have the information and materials required to complete their work efficiently

●     Facilitate communication between all departments

●     Follow up  on  any outstanding issues or concerns that may arise during a Production

●     Ensure all email correspondence and scheduling is up to date, responding to emails in a timely manner

●     Work with the Supervisors and artists to manage render priorities

●     Make sure Production documentation for both projects and the facility is kept up to date. Provide training documentation for new Production staff

●     Be professional internally and externally at all times


●     3-5 years of solid production experience coordinating feature film

●     Must be an expert project coordinator/scheduler

●     Must be extremely knowledgeable in database management. Past Shotgun experience is a plus

●     Proven experience identifying and providing solutions to production issues


Technical skills

●     Expert level MS Excel skills

●     MS Project and Filemaker knowledge is an asset

●     Shotgun experience is an asset

●     Ability to train and  mentor Coordinators

Core skills

●     Must be able to multi-task and maintain a positive attitude when working under pressure

●     Highly organized, able to transform detail-oriented work into action

●     Excellent written and verbal communication skills

●     Capable of motivating and leading a large team, with enthusiasm and clarity

●     Ability to stay calm under pressure

●     Excellent time management skills

●     Absolute fascination and dedication to post-production work is essential

●     Must understand basic client-to-vendor relationships and show an eagerness to develop and enhance Image Engine’s profile with the clients