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Senior CFX Artist

Coding knowledge. Need to understand and be able to write a function for fixing multiple shots.

Rigging knowledge. Need to understand how rigs are rigged in our studio. Sometimes you have to rebuild dynamics for individual shots.

Able apply Maya dynamics nodes on the fly

Require animation skills for animating natural-looking hair/skirts.

Requires modeling skills for smoothing mesh topology / making sure texture is not stretched

Has the ability to troubleshoot major issues from different departments.


Create a function or a tool for helping the team to fix shots in the shortest time.

Fix animation errors, need to correct animation without breaking the silhouette

Using dynamic well to achieve advanced simulation

Create ripples and water splashes.

Have good imagination for simulation and can do draw over.

Establish countermeasures during major pipeline breakdowns.

Be able to solve shot issues between different departments

Reviewing and approving shots

About ICON Creative Studio

ICON Creative Studio is Canada’s largest independently owned animation entertainment company located in the historic Gastown district of Vancouver, BC Canada with design, storyboarding, modeling, rigging, animation, technical finaling, lighting, visual effects, and compositing artists alongside creative and management teams.

Known for our quality, efficiency, and timely deliveries, ICON has partnered alongside distributors, broadcasters, and streaming platforms around the world to help create, realize and produce noteworthy content.

ICON operates from a holistic philosophy that leverages individual skill sets to maximize production efficiency on the floor while maintaining an optimal balance of creativity and quality on-screen.


Work remotely (anywhere in BC) or in studio


Why work at ICON?

At ICON we constantly invest in raising the bar of our productions and fostering our people. If you are passionate about animation and enjoy sharing success with others, we'd like to hear from you!

Join the fastest growing CG Animation studio in Vancouver

Work on top feature and episodic CG franchises for leading streaming platforms (Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, Amazon, Peacock, Paramount+ etc.)
Work with a diverse group of artists from all over the world who have come to BC to join our expanding studio
Use all of the latest tools and softwares
We uphold a premium standard of quality across all of our productions by putting all of our resources up on screen
We hire for the long term and give artists the opportunity to grow, get promoted and take on as much responsibility as they can manage
We offer flexibility and autonomy
We facilitate requests in a timely manner
We support PR applications
We offer direct deposit
We offer a generous benefits package
And more...