• A PC should have some understanding of what other departments require, and will work under the guidance of Associate Producer to maintain and manage the department schedules.
  • Under the guidance of the Production Coordinator, tracks the progress of tasks for assigned artists in Shotgrid to reflect scheduled, in-progress, and completed departmental work.
  • A PC would be trained to communicate with other department supervisors to keep all data accurate and current. They would be required to enter the relevant information into Shotgun when necessary.
    Ensures the team is aware of deadlines.
  • Coordinate client deliveries on time, and on par with pre-set processes.
  • Ingest client notes into shotgun and make sure artists are aware of priority notes.
  • Follows up with Supervisors daily to ensure task deliveries remain on schedule.
  • Communicates timely, effectively and cooperatively, and proactively respond to requests from departments for information and assistance.
  • Stays abreast of issues on the floor and elevates information appropriately to Associate Producer.
  • Acts as a secondary contact for questions when the Production Manager or Associate Producer is unavailable.
  • Coordinates crew meetings take notes and distributes them promptly to relevant departments.
  • Schedule meetings at the request of the Supervisors and Associate Producer. Proactively maintain the calendar with alertness to topics, deadlines and conflicts. Manage the schedules of key personnel for the show, to avoid conflicts.
  • Responsible for multiple dailies sessions each day where needed
  • Ensure proper preparation for all meetings and reviews. Set up sessions. Take detailed notes and publish notes from meetings and reviews that accurately reflect action items and an appropriate sense of urgency.
  • Input all incoming notes from the client, once reviewed by the Associate Producer, and proactively distribute as needed, making sure all notes are accurate and entered correctly.
  • Assist with preps and guides for the Supervisors to successfully lead their teams.
  • Make sure the modeling department has all the necessary information from the design team.
  • Willing to take on new challenges to have a more detailed knowledge of the department and pipeline.
  • Helps maintain a positive team environment.
  • Tracks progress of tasks to reflect scheduled, in-progress and completed departmental work. Collaborate with the supervisors to keep all information accurate and current.
  • Ensures the team is aware of deadlines. Partners with the Supervisor to set the priorities of the deliveries, whether be requests or episodes, taking into consideration the strict deadlines.
  • Communicates timely, effectively, cooperatively, and proactively responds to requests from clients.
  • Understands the department’s workflow and acts as a point of coordination of work that enters and leaves the department, ensuring procedures are followed.
  • Provide a weekly schedule and ensure that the department is hitting weekly goals.

Term of employment: Full time

Language: English

If this sounds like you, and you are ready to be a part of the fastest-growing studio in Vancouver. We want to hear from you. To apply, please submit a portfolio and a resume, with a cover letter describing your suitability for this position through our website: https://www.iconcreativestudio.com

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary

Salary: $60,000.00-$75,000.00 per year

About ICON Creative Studio

Founded in 2013, ICON Creative Studio is Canada’s largest independently owned animation entertainment company located in the historic Gastown district of Vancouver, BC, Canada. With almost 400 design, storyboarding, modelling, rigging, animation, technical animation, lighting, visual effects, and compositing artists alongside creative and management teams.