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Senior Grooming Artists are vital to the development of characters in the creation process. They are expected to consistently produce at the quality and output level determined by their production.

Job duties:

General duties that most artists in this occupation, in our studio are doing:

Get client feedback on the graphic elements they are showcasing as a final composited image, as well as at each stage prior to the final render
Determine the suited means to produce the desired visual effect and the appropriate method of communication
Determine which graphic elements are used to produce the final image
Use image processing, multimedia software, layout and drawing software to produce our final image
Help guide the company on the timeline required to complete the tasks
Use photograph and illustrated references to produce our final images
Establish guidelines for the company’s final images
Coordinate audio visuals
Work in a multidisciplinary environment
Use computer-assisted drawing, modelling, animation, and compositing software to produce final imagery. The imagery is used for printed marketing on each production.
Provide 3D animated computer illustrations
The company’s shows are based on adapting existing graphic illustrations into 3D animated content.
Below are specific duties of a Senior Grooming Artist working in our studio

Develop and maintain all department documentation of current pipeline and techniques
Procedurally groom hair and fur using XGen, Ornatrix and Yeti.
Prepares the approved groom for animation rigging.
Prepares the approved groom for simulation, including and not limited to creating the fur simulation rig for the asset.
Run realistic and stylized fur simulations in a production environment
Rendering and QC of fur elements
Must know how to take a model all the way to completion (Model, UV, Texture, Surface, Light, Render)
Must possess an artistic eye for form and colour
May require some guidance in different work flows (topology, texturing, surfacing and uv’ing)
May require guidance in understanding who and why pipeline works the way it does
Able to handle a high-pressure environment with tight deadlines
Take responsibility for their own work and can complete tasks within the time allotted
Show passion for their craft and engage in similar activities in their spare time, including taking the time to further their knowledge through study
Able to Identify issues and relay them to team members
The ideal candidate will have:

Experience and training using Maya 2018 and newer.
Experience with Xgen or, Yeti, or Ornatrix grooming software and tools
Skilled in Photoshop and or 3D paint software
Strong communication skills
Self motivated and eager to learn
Keen eye for detail, shape and form of hair and fur.
Good problem solver
Knowledge of python
Experience with nCloth
Experience with nHair
Able to spot issues and trouble shoot.
Passion in their task and work on learning new applicable skills in their own time

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