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Animation Director

The Director is the creative vision of each episode, bringing each show to life by coaching the best possible performance from the animators.
They will cast sequences based on crew strengths but will encourage individuals to become more versatile in their range.
They will work directly with each animator at each step of the approval process and will give feedback clearly and in a timely fashion.
The director is responsible for editing the episode assembly and exporting audio or video animatics when needed.
They will assign and manage the progression of each shot through Shotgun and will triage client notes as they arise, working closely with the animation coordinator for weekly deliveries, scheduling, and maintaining show deadlines.
Like the Lead, they are expected to participate in all important meetings that directly affect their show.

A strong background as a Director in feature or series CG character animation;

Comfortable with filming reference footage and using the reference footage;
Ability to work within an established pipeline and learn to use custom tools;
Ability to understand and interpret effectively a storyboard and be able to give direction to a team;
Have good teaching skills, be a mentor, and technically and artistically develop the team;
Ability to work well in a team and excellent communication skills

About ICON Creative Studio

Founded in 2013, ICON Creative Studio is Canada’s largest independently owned animation entertainment company located in the historic Gastown district of Vancouver, BC, Canada. With almost 400 design, storyboarding, modelling, rigging, animation, technical animation, lighting, visual effects, and compositing artists alongside creative and management teams.