Hydraulx VFX  is currently looking for a talented Rigger with high level technical skills mixed with strong artistic sensibilities to join our new dynamic team at our Vancouver office.

Responsibilities and Duties:

•    Creating and developing fast elegant character rigs using Maya and proprietary tools.

•    Working with modeling and animation departments to facilitate articulate realistic

appealing characters.

•    Integration of characters and rigs into the production pipeline

•    Creating User Interfaces and tools to assist animators.

•    Working in partnership with R&D programmers, Animators, and Lighting TDs to ensure

shots are delivered to the very highest standard.

•    Providing support to character rigs throughout production.

•    Developing long-term strategies to automate character production.


•    Minimum 5 years work experience in feature film/broadcast VFX production.

•    Solid knowledge of rigging systems. Comprehensive knowledge of Maya.

•    Provide reel demonstrating both control systems and complex deformations.

•    Solid time and project management skills.

•    Accessibility and willingness to collaborate is a must.

•    Good understanding of the entire visual effects process.


•    Working knowledge of Mel ,Python and C++.

How to apply:

Submit your resume and a link to your demo reel to: vancouverjobs@hydraulx.com

* Please note, due to a high volume of applications, we cannot respond to every applicant.


Job Location: Vancouver, BC

*Must be a BC resident, and must be eligible to work in Canada