We’re looking for an exceptional JavaScript engineer who wants the opportunity to help shape products from start to finish.

We are a visual effects studio with credits on big-budget feature films. We want someone who is interested in helping to build the server-side infrastructure for a project management and digital asset tracking platform. We believe that enterprise-quality tools don’t have to be a rat’s nest of overly-complex code – instead they should be clean, documented and testable, with an emphasis on modularity. In the spirit of Node and NPM, we think the best code comes in small, reusable modules that do one thing (and only one thing) very well.

This position is for someone who knows the MEAN stack, and Node+Mongo in particular. You should design simple, RESTful APIs in your sleep. Are you familiar with the Swagger spec? Excellent! Have you checked out the Loopback framework? Brilliant! At the end of the day we’re looking for someone who likes to build developer-friendly APIs of all kinds – RESTful APIs accessible via HTTP or internal JavaScript APIs that help make code modular, easy to use and easy to maintain. If you like feeling a sense of ownership in your work, read on.

As a Node engineer:

1. Have some JavaScript on GitHub – preferably Node/Express stuff, but really anything.
2. You’ve used a framework other than Express (including things built on Express) – Sails, Restify, MEAN.js, Loopback, etc.
3. Mocha? Check. BDD-style assertions? Done. Automated testing and linting (we use Gulp + Mocha), no problem!
4. A good API is a documented API. You’ve heard of Swagger? Human and machine-discoverable API’s are where it’s at.

As a generalist:

1. Be at home on the Linux command line. Our servers run on CentOS.
2. Have an interest (better yet, experience) in DevOps – setting up continuous integration, deployment and monitoring of scalable Node+Mongo applications.
3. Don’t be scared if you have to hack some Python or PHP. Know your way around an SQL query.

As a person:

1. Have approximately 3 years of JavaScript experience (or a GitHub that makes it LOOK like you do).
2. Have an interest in movies, visual effects and learning how both are made.
3. Be cool. You’re going to help establish the culture – if you have good ideas on how to manage a product, we’ll be listening.

4. MUST be eligible to work in Canada

We want a back-end engineer who is looking for a place where their creative ideas will be embraced, where they can help shape a new product and get in on the ground floor. We look forward to hearing from you!