Gener8 is always seeking more efficient and state of the art ways to improve our pipeline, establishing new and emerging technologies in the world of stereo film. Our Comp Extracting Team serves as key players in the conversion of VFX shots. They are the first set of eyes on each shot. They prepare all relevant elements to go through the pipeline, ensuring the integrity of each finaled plate. These Compositors dissect large multi pass Nuke scripts, optimizing and setting them up for Stereo Comp.


Our Comp Extractors are specialists at solving puzzles with creative solutions. We are currently seeing Extraction Artists to join our team.

General Duties and Responsibilities

·  Work closely with the Compositing Supervisor and/or the Comp Extractor Lead to determine the best approach to extract shots for Gener8’s pipeline

·  Decipher and extract relevant depth layers from Nuke scripts, keeping in mind the needs of all departments involved

·  Assemble “mini-comps” that reproduces 100% of the original mono script

·  Problem shoot and reconstruct missing elements in comps where needed

·  Complete work on schedule while maintaining constant communication with the Production Team and Leads

·  Report to the Compositing Supervisor


·  Minimum of 2+ years live action visual effects compositing experience 

·  Proficient in Nuke

·  Experience in projection, cg integration, keying and clean-up techniques

·  Excellent understanding of 3D multi-pass workflows, colour space, basic Nuke expressions and plate distortion

·  Strong eye for details

·  Fast and efficient; the ability to work under tight deadlines with a minimum of supervision

·  The ability to collaborate with other compositors to share knowledge and techniques

·  Organized with strong written and verbal communication skills

·  Experience in Stereoscopic Compositing is a plus

·  Completion of a formal educational course in the Arts or Sciences

If you are interested in the position, please send a cover letter and resume to recruiting@gener8.com