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FuseFX Vancouver, BC is seeking a talented Coordinator who will assist Production Management with 2D & 3D resource scheduling, planning and department workflow.

Job Description and Responsibilities:

-Go-to resource for 3D artist assignments and tracking project schedules
-Increases artist efficiency and utilization within the department
-Looks for ways to improve and innovate existing workflows and production tools
-Daily walk-throughs of artist task activities, workloads, and schedules
-Manages artist status and helps communicate task priorities and resource availability to artists and producing teams
-Manages artist Actuals by checking resource needs against resource allocations
-Liaison between supervisors, producers, artists and other departments to ensure smooth communication
-Collects Producer and Supervisor feedback regarding artists and help maintain artist assessment tool
-Generates “Welcome” emails and seating assignments for new artists
-Collaborates with Render Wranglers regarding 3D render farm priority requests
-Coordinates with other FuseFX (Lose Angeles, New York) offices regarding shared work and projects.
-Ensures information in the Database is accurate and up-to-date
-Maintains and distribute various in-house scheduling documents (for example: out schedules, timesheets, time off requests, and coverage needs)
-Responsible for taking detailed notes and creating action items from weekly production meetings
-Participates in the data collection and presentation during resource planning meetings
-Generates weekend schedules and coverage
-Various tasks as needed



-Bachelor’s degree in film, art, communications, or related field
-2 years’ minimum experience in visual effects production and/or post production
-Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft office
-Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills
-Ability to juggle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
-Excellent problem-solving skills
-Positive attitude with the ability to adapt quickly under pressure
-Desire to learn and grow as a department facing production resource

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About FuseFX-BC

FuseFX is an award-winning visual effects studio that provides visual effects services for film, television, commercials, games, and special venues.

FuseFX has emerged as a leader in Visual Effects for episodic television, as well as increasing work on commercials and feature film productions. FuseFX has over 100 employees at their flagship office in Los Angeles, along with offices in New York City and Vancouver, Canada.

FuseFX BC was established in 2014 to serve Vancouver’s burgeoning film and television production community. Led by Jon Cowley, the team combines a boutique mindset with the industry’s most efficient pipeline and an ability to work seamlessly and nimbly as an extension of the company’s Los Angeles and New York studios. The results are visuals of outstanding quality and imagination, delivered on time and on budget.

FuseFX has developed a proprietary, highly efficient pipeline. This process differentiates the company from others in the business and allows for better quality control, faster turn around of shots, allows the artists to focus on the creativity of visual effects. The company has assembled a highly experienced team of artists, supervisors, and producers with a broad range of experience in all aspects of Visual Effects. The quality of the staff also differentiates FuseFX from its competitors.

Today, FuseFX’s three locations have over 30 television shows in production simultaneously, while also servicing various commercial and feature film projects. The company has exclusively provided Visual Effects for all the major studios, and on such productions as American Horror Story, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Criminal Minds, Sons of Anarchy, Bones, Mad Men, TURN, The Blacklist, The Magicians, and many others.

FuseFX was founded by David Altenau in 2006 and initially provided visual effects for a few network episodic productions. In 2008, Tim Jacobsen and Jason Fotter joined the company as partners and contributed to significant expansion, opening new offices in Burbank, and adding infrastructure and personnel to service multiple major episodic television programs as well as feature films and commercials. In 2014, FuseFX opened new offices in New York and Vancouver to service local clients in those markets, bringing on board Greg Anderson and Jon Cowley, respectively to head those operations and build teams dedicated to FuseFX’s mission to provide stellar visual effects.

As a philosophy, the principals at FuseFX believe that Visual Effects offer an amazing ability to go beyond the limits of what practical production can accomplish. We strive to work with our clients to create a vision and story that could not otherwise be accomplished without the tools and talents FuseFX offers.