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FuseFX is looking for an Executive or Lead Producer / Head of Production in Vancouver.


The ideal candidates will posses the following:


• Leadership skills to maintain a positive work environment for employees and clients, while supporting future growth and expansion of the office

• At least 10 years experience in Visual Effects

• Strong knowledge of the Vancouver VFX Market

• Superior written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills are required

• Proven planning and problem solving abilities

• Experience with databases and project management systems

• Strong ability to identify priorities and meet goals while under pressure


Responsibilities include:


• Maintaining an overview of multiple VFX projects while ensuring they are completed to the highest standard

• Monitoring project budgets and ensuring that they are within approved guidelines

• High level client management on jobs produced and supervised by other staff, and stepping in as a VFX Producer when needed

• Developing and maintaining high level relationships with key professionals for future employment possibilities

• Continually developing relationships with clients while fostering new leads for projects

• Reading scripts & creating breakdowns and budgets with Supervisors and Leads for new work

• The scheduling of producers, supervisors and leads on project basis

• Continually evaluating the resources of the facility and assuring client’s deadlines are reached

• Coordinating communication and work between Vancouver and other FuseFX offices


Please send resumes and reel links to:

About FuseFX-BC

About FuseFX-BC


FuseFX provides visual effects services for film, television, and commercials, games, and special venues.

FuseFX, Inc., a Los Angeles-based visual effects company, was founded by David Altenau in 2006. Initially, the company provided visual effects for a handful of network episodic productions and commercials. In 2008, Tim Jacobsen and Jason Fotter joined the operation as partners. The company expanded, opened new offices in Burbank, and added infrastructure and personnel to offer services on multiple major episodic television programs as well as visual effects for feature films and commercials.

Since its inception, FuseFX has established itself as a key player in VFX for television, as well as increasing work on feature film productions. FuseFX has approximately 30 employees and consistently has 10 to 12 active television shows in production at any one time, as well as various commercials and feature film projects. The company relies on a highly refined pipeline and highly experienced team of artists utilizing Autodesk 3DS Max for all 3D animation and effects, and The Foundry’s Nuke for compositing.

As a philosophy, the principals at FuseFX believe that Visual Effects offer an amazing ability to go beyond the limits of what practical production can accomplish. We strive to work with our clients to create a vision and story that could not otherwise be accomplished without the tools and talents FuseFX offers.