Purpose of the job:
We are seeking a Rigger to work alongside our talented crew at Digital Domain. Assignments will include
creating efficient animation controls, implementing sophisticated mechanical rigging, and applying realistic
surface deformations. The role requires strong technical and communication skills, as well as a firm
understanding of character design, animation, rigging, tool development, and production workflow. This
position requires 2-3 continuous years of production rigging experience and reports to the show’s Rigging

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:
● Troubleshoot issues with Animation
● Generate a variety of realistic creature, hero, digital double, vehicle and prop rigs
● Produce custom rigs, implementing a variety of modular components (biped/quadruped limbs, wings,
mechanics, etc.)
● Utilize DD’s existing Python-based rigging tools.
● Work with the Animation Department to ensure the successful handoff and execution of character
rigs, including in-scene troubleshooting and rig optimization
● Assist in the design and maintenance of the studio’s rigging pipeline

Education and/or Experience Required:
● Degree in computer science, art, animation, engineering, or equivalent experience that would equal
that level of professionalism, problem solving and analytical skills.
● 2-3 years experience with production-level character rigging, scripting and tool development.
● Strong knowledge of Maya’s rigging toolset, including: skeleton placement, skinning techniques,
IK/FK setup, corrective blendShape workflow, expressions, utility nodes, and Maya deformers.
● Familiarity with mocap ingestion & retargeting (motionBuilder, humanIK)
● Strong comprehension of anatomy and articulation (human and creature mechanics).
● Keen artistic eye to drive the look of realistic and appealing surface deformations.
● Production experience with Python scripting.
● Working knowledge of linux.
● Passion for creating convincing digital characters a must!

About Digital Domain

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