Purpose of the job:
Our Lead Lighting Artists are responsible for the lighting design and rendering techniques used throughout
the project. Managing the team of lighting artists to ensure the delivery of their work on time as well as
provide the necessary creative support based on the CG Supervisor’s feedback. Lastly, maintaining and
improving the lighting pipeline closely with the CG Supervisor is key.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Determine the specific passes needed for each sequence closely with the Comp Supervisor
• Provide additional shader revisions to continuously improve the look and address feedback from CG
• Design and implement lighting master rigs used throughout sequences suitable for delivering the
required passes and the correct look
• Review render reports and assess rendering progress, average times and consistent errors
• Ensure that all elements provided to lighting artists comply with the requirements established by
Look Development Artists

Education and/or Experience Required:
• Experience with Maya and Vray or Renderman, or a Raytracer is essential
• Completion of University (or equivalent) and/or at least 5 years relevant experience
• 6+ years of experience creating photorealistic lighting for fea ture films in Maya and Renderman or
• Proven experience in leading a team of artists highly preferred
• Python or C++ experience in production is a plus

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