Purpose of the job:
The Layout Artist works under the Layout Lead as part of a team to predetermine scene and shot setup
including camera, environment and character composition for use by the Animation, Environments, and FX

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:
● Under minimal supervision, use and occasionally create digital assets including character and
backgrounds to interpret scenes and shots as visualized by the Director.
● Provide other creative departments within the show environment with layout source art created in
● Collaborate with Supervisors and Leads to determine technical and creative approach to scene
● Tracks shot progress throughout the entire layout process.
● Take direction from Supervisors and Leads.

Education and/or Experience Required:
● Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent experience
● 2+ years experience in feature film or television production preferred
● Extensive training in and/or strong understanding of the principles of storytelling, art, and film.
● Demonstrated proficiency in scene, shot, camera, and character composition is required.
● Modeling, lighting, texturing, and animation experience are strongly desired.
● Knowledge of terminology and techniques used in film, animation, and visual effects including basic
knowledge of photography and camera lenses necessary.
● Demonstrated proficiency using Maya, or 3Ds max required.
● Proficiency in other applications such as Photoshop and After Effects is desired.
● Ability to work under pressure as well as implement changes based on input from multiple sources.
● Ability to multitask and work efficiently in a multiuser environment.
● Excellent organizational and communication skills a must.

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