Purpose of the job:
The digital Compositor takes multiple diverse elements, however they were created, and blends them
together artistically into a seamless, photorealistic image. Skillfully makes it appear as if the elements were
all part of the same scene utilizing various compositing techniques to accomplish the task.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:
● Integrate cg elements and matte paintings into live action plates
● Match color, lighting and exposure of stock elements to rendered or photographed elements
● Matte extractions from blue/green screen photography
● Clean and efficient script organization
● Present work clearly in dailies and walkthroughs and respond to supervisor in a timely fashion
● Transform and warp elements as needed
● 2D/3D camera tracking and stabilization
● Grain and degrain as necessary
● Plate speed up/slow down manipulation
● Matte edge processing and integration
● QC black levels, grain, color, mattes
● Paint fixes and rotoscoping

Education, Experience, and Skills Required:
● 4 years of node based compositing software experience (Nuke, Shake, Fusion)
● Experience with Keylight, Primatte or Ultimatte
● Knowledge of projection mapping
● Maya knowledge a plus
● Sound aesthetic with good understanding of color, contrast and lighting design
● Knowledge of film resolution and aspect ratios
● Strong problem solving skills
● Strong interpersonal and communication skills
● Team player with great attitude
● Dependable and flexible
● Takes direction well
● Exercises close attention to detail


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