Purpose of the job:
The Animator will be responsible for producing animated elements, shots and sequences under the direction
of the Lead Animator and the Animation Supervisor. The Animator will be expected to deliver key frame
animation, as well as animation using motion capture data, to be used in a live action feature film or

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

• Reports to Lead Animator or Animation Supervisor, depending upon size of team and established
• Assignments will include animation tests, previs, layout, shots and finals; to be delivered to
satisfaction and per delivery schedule
• Will need to produce high volume and multiple iterations of shots with speed and accuracy.
• Artist needs to be able to function as a solo performer, and as part of a team
• Full participation to ensure that the highest quality of animation is being achieved on schedule

Education and/or Experience Required:
• Minimum 3 years of experience creating character and creature animation for live action/VFX films.
• Knowledge and work experience in Maya required
• Additional animation software experience (e.g., 3DS Max, Houdini, Proprietary Packages) are
considered a plus
• Work should demonstrate an experienced ability to define character personality, create fluid motion,
organic movement, and storytelling
• A working knowledge of Motion Capture and/or Rigging is a plus
• Qualifying collegiate or graduate degrees and awards are preferred

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