CoSA VFX Vancouver has an opening for an experienced VFX Coordinator for a long-term position.  We are continuing to grow and working on projects such as Gotham, Lucifer, Lethal Weapon and more, with exciting new projects starting in early 2017.


Working with the production team:

  • update Ftrack shot tracking database promptly with all new information, episodes, notes or deliveries
  • upload and download material from FTP/Aspera, and notify artists and production team of footage, element or shot deliveries
  • set up and maintain Excel delivery logs
  • maintain and post/distribute all calendar events
  • participate in production meetings, Cinesync sessions, Skype sessions, dailies and artist rounds and follow up on notes and action items that arise
  • have a precise idea of what the team is working on and inform producer/supervisor of any issues
  • make sure artists are aware of targets and assure that they have all info and materials they need, and help them get it if they don’t
  • help with ordering/organizing dinner when the crew is working OT, help keep studio tidy and organized if required

We work in a fast-paced environment, primarily on TV series, juggling multiple episodes and shows at once.


Strong organizational skills:

  • Exceptional consistency in naming files, formatting emails and packaging deliverables
  • Demonstrated capacity to monitor heavy email traffic, identify and respond promptly to high priority messages
  • Experience in creating accurate and succinct notes in meetings and review sessions, distributing appropriately

Excellent teamwork skills:

  • Insight into how clients and in-house supervisors workflows as well as their project priorities
  • Collaborate effectively with other production staff working on the same projects
  • Able to engage appropriate team members for answers and approvals

Superior verbal and written communication skills:

  • Engaging manner and an interest in working face-to-face with artists and clients
  • Able to communicate effectively with busy people. Convey urgency without seeming abrasive or flustered
  • Skilled in crafting emails and other communications that utilize existing methodology
  • Excellent grammar, spelling and written skills in general

Thorough understanding of the VFX production process and tools:

  • 1-3 years production experience, including live-action feature film or television experience
  • Related post-production training, college or university an asset
  • Understanding of on-set and digital VFX techniques, processes and language
  • Anticipate — and proactively address — issues that crop up in production
  • Hands-on experience with file transfer technologies such as Aspera and FTP
  • Extensive knowledge of Mac OS X and Microsoft Office. Familiarity with FTrack a plus

This position is a full-time non-contract position, subject to additional hours as required by production schedules.   Must be BC Resident and CDN/PR.

We look forward to meeting you!