The CG Supervisor for CoSA VFX Vancouver is responsible for leading the CG team working on show assignments to create high-end visual effects for Episodic TV, Films, Commercials, and VR Projects.


The CG Supervisor for CoSA VFX Vancouver collaborates with Project and Studio Leadership to determine and manage the technical approach needed to achieve the creative and quality goals of the project, within the project budget, schedule, and resources.


The CG Supervisor for CoSA VFX Vancouver reports directly to the Studio Manager in Vancouver and to the Head of 3D in Los Angeles.





Work collaboratively with Producers, artists and other departments under the guidance of the VFX Supervisor to create high-quality visual effects.
Work closely with other CG and Department Supervisors to fulfill the vision and needs of the VFX Supervisors and Clients.
Assist VFX Supervisors and Producers in script breakdown and bidding on VFX Projects.
Provide the highest quality VFX possible based on the project’s budget and time constraints.
Provide clear direction to all CG artists assigned to the project, setting clear objectives and monitoring the process, progress and results.
Determine, modify and maintain the most effective and efficient technical approach and workflow possible on assigned project with approval from the Head of CG.
Assist and supervise the artists in achieving all technical aspects of production including asset creation, rigging, animation, lighting, and effects.
Keep up on current technology trends and tools (hardware and software) that best suit the production and CoSA VFX in the development of a stronger creative technical environment.
Reinforce the need for team members to review their work, ensuring high standard results.
Work with Studio Manager of Vancouver and the Head of 3D to define recruiting goals to achieve the appropriate balance of qualified artists.
Nurture junior talent within the 3D Department, including helping with technical and creative problems by passing on knowledge.
Participate in client meetings where necessary.
Overall responsibility for tasking out project CG tasks.
Other duties as assigned.


A commitment to work collaboratively with Project Leadership to create photoreal CG Imagery for Studio Projects.
Capably review all CG elements, assets and related shot production elements before presentation in dailies to the VFX Supervisor.
Able to manage and coordinate artists for scheduling and bidding on projects.
Consistently communicate CG status within projects to Producers, VFX Supervisors, Studio Manager and Head of CG.
Report show needs to Studio Manager and Head of 3D, including staffing and pipeline requirements.
Lead the team in solving day-to-day issues, and pro-actively flag potential problems in pipeline tools before they impact the production to the Head of CG.
Where necessary, assist and implement the technical, artistic pipeline and workflow, and make sure the tools for the project are up to the task.




6 or more years in a Television/Film Production Environment
At least 2 years of experience as a CG Supervisor in the production of High-End 3D Effects for Television/Film.
Great teamwork, excellent communication and collaborative skills applied within the VFX team, Producers, VFX Supervisors and Clients on project status.
Be able to effectively execute all necessary assigned tasks while under tight production schedule deadlines.
Fluency in advanced 3D Animation, Previs, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Shading, Effects, Rigging and Rendering techniques.
Expert level at Maya, VRay, and Redshift.
Knowledge of Nuke and Houdini.
Knowledge of Ftrack or other production shot tracking software.
Knowledge of pipeline workflow in a post-production environment.
Strong aesthetic sensibility, with an eye for creativity and design.
Self-motivated problem solver with a positive attitude.